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At Winthrop Memory Care, We Recognize That Days Filled With Meaning And Purpose Result In A Life Well Lived.

At Winthrop Memory Care, we believe each resident is precious and unique. Just like Teepa's GEMS states, "It is not about the loss, it is what they have left." We nurture an engaging lifestyle with a focus on person-centered care. Our community promotes comfort, security and care without sacrificing your loved one’s autonomy and self-identity. Our “person-centered” approach ensures that your loved ones’s values, beliefs, interests and strengths are our top priority.

Each Memory Care resident's family receives a free copy of the award-winning novel, Finding Grace in the Face of Dementia.

It is Winthrop Memory Care’s goal to support our resident’s self-identity and dignity. We do this through our most prized amenity, our staff of trained dementia care specialists as well as through the environment in which they dwell.

This lifestyle is not one size fits all! It is based on the unique needs, personal interests and rich history of each resident. This holistic approach to care is what we call The Winthrop Way.

Studies have shown that the living environment is a key component in quality of life for memory care residents. Winthrop Memory Care is designed intentionally and specifically to be socially engaging and mentally stimulating for our residents with memory loss. You will find research-based innovation throughout our community.

Personalized Suites

Our suites are designed to promote both safety and independence. The lighting and color schemes give all the comforts of home

Town Square

The open floor plan of our common area is designed to promote social engagement and community

The Courtyard Garden

Natural light can improve mood, reduce depression and dementia related symptoms. Our Courtyard Garden gives our community the chance to engage all the senses by connecting with nature.

The Family Room

Our Family Room gives our residents the ability to host visitors privately maintaining their sense of self and purpose.

Memory Stations

These theme-oriented stations are designed to cognitively stimulate and provide social opportunities.

Orientation Prompts

Clocks that give just general time of day, weather, etc., shadow boxes holding personal picture or items to help residents identify their personal suites.


Fragrances derived from essential oils diffused into the environment to either soothe (lavender, cinnamon, lemon balm or mint) stimulate residents.

The Winthrop Way

Spiritual Wellness

Research shows that spirituality can slow cognitive decline and improve quality of life for those living with dementia. Worship can serve as a memory aide through familiar music and prayers. Studies show that people of faith have better coping strategies to deal with memory loss and maintain a sense of hope. The chapel at Winthrop offers individual and group opportunities for prayer and worship.

In addition, Winthrop Chaplain, Dr. Philip Patterson is available to meet with residents and families to help to meet your spiritual needs.

Physical Wellness

Research proves that physical activity can improve cognitive health. Exercise can also improve mood and sleep patterns. At Winthrop Memory Care we incorporate physical activity throughout the day. Based on the individual, this may look like morning stretches, a post lunchtime nap or an afternoon Sittercise class. Encouraging our community to keep moving builds the strength and ability they need to continue to be independent.

Residents can also stay fit by joining group exercise classes. We tailor these classes for muscle memory, strength and fall prevention.

Intellectual Wellness

Our resident’s life experiences drive their daily activities. Engaging in discussions of past occupations and hobbies not only stimulates the mind but brings meaning and purpose. A former gardener will have their hands in the dirt. A teacher will be given the opportunity to engage with students.

We provide several non-pharmacological interventions to slow cognitive decline such as:

Reminiscence Therapy

Aromatherapy Art Therapy

Multi-sensory Stimulaton

Music Therapy

Bright Light Therapy

Pet Therapy

Nutritional Wellness

Did you know that as we age we need an increase in some vitamins such as Vitamin D? Our food staff relies on the latest research when creating our menu with brain healthy fruits, vegetables and spices for maximum flavor loss. Contrasting tableware also aids those with spatial or visual impairment. Mealtime is also a great opportunity for meaningful social interaction.

Emotional Wellness

Memory loss can cause isolation and loneliness. Engaging socially creates a sense of belonging. Our staff make sure that every interaction is an opportunity for social engagement. Socializing has a direct correlation to brain health and a main reason that Winthrop Memory Care supports making new friends and experiencing new sight and sounds

Memory Care Floorplan

Floorplan Name

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Living Room
Master Bathroom
186 Sq. Ft.
132 Sq. Ft.
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73 Sq. Ft.
1034 Sq. Ft.
1242 Sq. Ft.
2276 Sq.Ft

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